If PTI Celebrates, What is worrying you ?

One political party almost waited for 2 and a half years to seek justice and fairness, Why?

The system has to be blamed truly. But who cares? Unless your personal asset is not stolen, you won’t support this ideal concept to improve the system. Right?

This mind-blowing, influential, inspiring, motivational and highly encouraging step against sitting government is strictly initiated by Imran Khan, Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf. The changing thought got extensive support from the public crowd, belonging to different genres, background, age and cast.  PTI’s single fight against the corrupted and rigged culture is bringing some incredible results.

In brief, PTI claimed 4 rigged National Assembly seats and filed a petition in the election tribunal. And for such right, Imran khan and his party affiliates had to go through a massive protest, a huge one! I agree, it costs too much, waste of time, resources, jammed areas, threatening environment, economic and social loss, decrease in sales, bad worldwide reputation etc. But why there was such aggression in holding such a massive protest against the ruling government(PML-N)? You also know the reasons behind it.

To my understanding, if a party claims something as a legal right, Why it has to go through such cruel process? A democratic country provides rights to everyone. And we are the part of it. Rigged elections produce fake results, that are not acceptable at all and not-so-deserving candidates forcefully stands on the position. Why a Pakistani should accept a false, bogus mandate?

Election tribunal announced it’s verdict in favor of PTI in 3 constituencies, NA 122, NA 125 and NA 154. However, one more petition is in the pipeline.

If the result clearly shows that there are enormous irregularities, rigging, poor election system in the country. If PTI be the reason behind it, What worries you?

In Run For Advice – Why?

Do you find a friendly suggestion really helpful? Have you actually considered someone’s words or you garbage it?

This is one of the confused questions I often ask myself. Well, I think listening to other thoughts and opinions is never harmful, whether you contemplate or not.

Life kicks you out several times. Agree?

How do we act generally when we get trapped in certain situations? Where do we go mostly?

You just wish to end all the connections, whether it be your land line or your super smartphone. No interruptions; No exchange of words.

The point is, you are not the only one who is on the sinking boat. I, he, she and they are all together dreaming for a fantasy life, which never sees any unfortunate event, although it’s impossible! A drowning boat sets the vision that the person undergoes wretched, miserable phase.

Heartbreaking moments badly hit our happy, fateful lives and often get us in unbearable positions. It occurs, when you face a tremendous financial loss and you wonder how will I buy credit for my phone or even how would I refill my petrol tank, however you are contended that your loving relative, a kind friend or family will at least make you not suffer from food 😉 Our lives need MUCH MORE than just food.

It also happens when you broke off with a close relation. It can be your soul mate whom you had made promises of not leaving till the last breath and you will definitely take her/him to explore Paris, London, New York and Pakistan(Northern Areas have attractive views – Read The Inspiring Pakistan Through Brandon Stanton’s Camera Eye ) See, you just cut off a relationship which you never hoped for. And you are feeling free 🙂 But, that’s is not the case of every couple.

My point of concentration is, life can play with us anytime so there is none to be blamed. Maybe the unlucky time. As we caught ourselves with losses, break-ups, depression, diseases, mental disorders, family problems, insufficient resources, bad gatherings, cruel habits and much more. We need a good mentor, a person who understands you or even bothers to listen to your worries. What’s a big deal in listening to his/her words?

A teacher, friend, neighbor, relative, stranger, classmate, colleague, professor or even a gardener can give you good suggestions. Do not leave children behind! They also attempt to give us cute and sweet messages by their little acts, filled with innocence and charm.

Great advice can uplift one’s career, relation and attitude. Parents always make efforts to give advises to their children, few of them get succeed and many fails. I believe, an acceptable combination of inner emotions, advice, experience and the positive attitude can solve several unsettled questions.

Six Word Stories – Challenge#2

Theme: Passion

Google image

Google image

Flowing Rhythm Boosting Inspiration, graceful vision

The challenge has been initiated by Benedict Nicholson and you can have the details at this page Six Word Stories – Challenge 2


Girl – not an ordinary human

A girl’s life is different. You may think, Why and How ?

Positive woman who seeks inspiration

Positive woman who seeks inspiration

Whether she is a student, a doctor or a professor, perspectives of her life are varied. As being a girl, I can so relate. I know men and boys also experience a challenging life. Let’s talk about girls this time.

When a toddler(baby girl) is born, history and diversified cultures tell us that people see through broad eyes the hurdles, she would be bringing in the future. Though, a born baby doesn’t ask much! People are more concerned about the future; however, I agree they keep everything planned. This is not the way to burden yourself with irrelevant circumstances. But, thankful to the modern era, where girl is treated almost equal as boys and those societies where women are greatly motivated. The great religion,Islam also considers birth of girl as a blissful blessing.

As she strenuously jumps in the process of learning and seeking education, I highly encourage the endeavoring efforts of parents and society who put stress on the importance of girl’s education. But, we also find narrow-minds and intolerant existence in our society. She have to strive and struggle till she successfully completes her academics. She also have to manage with home chores, if the family is not too modern. Here, modern is viewpoint of liberal minds.

After facing great challenges in the schools, neighborhoods and institutes, she enters in the professional fields, basically to earn. I hereby agree, females are preferably hired in certain organizations. Many researches have concluded where the ratio of educated women surpassed ratio of men in getting good jobs. But, Have you ever think of the tortures and woes a women suffers when she unfortunately handed over to a barbaric male dominating organization. Looking at a girl as she is a cheese cake and desperate desires to have it, reflects to such inhuman behaviors. Well, these are all boorish acts of people, prevailing in our society.

I eagerly wanted to drive attention toward so-called easy life of a girl. Though, it is not!

Coming to the happy word, MARRIAGE. It brings moments of joys and happiness to the entire family. Woman(who was once a girl) has to undergo with torment as looks of anguish crossed her face several times and it get noticed by all of us. She strongly faces the fading parts of her shimmery wedding and combat to remain reticent and muted. Lucky are those who have nice partners. Here, nice describes a perfect man. Contrary to the fact that no one is perfect!

With the practical teachings of life, She becomes a mentor who can instill knowledge on the subjects of compromise, sacrifice and steps to endure tolerance. Is she still an ordinary human ? Definitely, No from my side!

This post is just an introduction summary, omitting atrocious melancholy.

I would be profoundly appreciated to have your viewpoint on this post. I really mean it.

Six Words Stories Challenge – 1

I cannot keep myself at a distance from this intriguing challenge.
The blog, A hopelessly wandering mind, has started this inspiring story competition and it truly captivated my attention. Here I am also participating in this short thoughtful contest.

Theme : Loss

Google Image

Google Image

Broken fence willingly listens pained words.

Happy Independence Day!


Being thankful to the rich soil of Pakistan who has given birth to such legends in the world, who has been performing outstanding services in the various fields. The land has bestowed pleasing beauty to it’s patriotic people. From a teenager to an old-aged person have agreed to a common belief that integrity is the prestige. Just like others, I proudly love to be a Pakistani who is emotionally attached with every letter of the word P A K I S T A N.


Whatever threatening challenges come on our ways, We(Pakistanis) face it with courage, confidence and winning hearts. And We will be.

We are already positively tracked to achieve name and earn recognition on the principles of honor, love and peace. 14th Of August be the day of celebration around every small or bigger city of Pakistan and We always welcome it with joyous gestures.

Every heart beat says, “Pakistan Zindabad”

The Inspiring Pakistan Through Brandon Stanton’s Camera Eye

Human Of New York visit to Pakistan

Human Of New York visit to Pakistan

The popular name of Brandon Stanton has attractively earned huge respect from Pakistan and their loving people. While People of Pakistan are still warming Brandon with marvelous comments for capturing unique stories of Pakistanis on Humans Of New York (HONY) Facebook page, Just like others I have also seen few disturbing, quite rude comments about my country.

But I prefer to ignore such discomforting reactions as there were impressive and huge warming sweet comments on the page, in favor of Pakistan, which wonderfully maintained the highlights of the trip to Pakistan.

Striving efforts of Brandon to perceive the reality of Pakistan through his camera eye is incredible. His trip to Hunza Valley is too influential. How ?

If you are familiar with HONY, you must know this is a photography blog which is well updated by perfect camera shots of people, belonging to different countries with motivational stories. Hunza Valley of Pakistan is one of my favorite destination(prior to my desiring world tour). The pleasing sight of valleys, eye-catchy meadows and mountains is enough to refresh you for a long time. Brandon clicked multiple shots through his camera lens that bring fascinating stories of simple-living people. You will definitely plan a trip to Pakistan, after seeing those awesome images.

Responsible brother with his cute sister - Happiness

Responsible brother with his cute sister – Happiness

A fine trip will also let you amazed by beauty among people of Pakistan and it’s land. The warm nature of residents to greet with every fellow being or a foreigner is bellyful and bounteous to overlook the negative image, portrayed by several anti-Pakistan groups. I hope, many of my followers would agree!

Though Pakistan and it’s people are greatly thankful to Brandon Stanton for driving many people attention toward Pakistan awesome stories and obviously, the heavenly views. To get in your knowledge, Humans Of Pakistan Facebook page also bring encouraging stories to viewers from all over Pakistan.