Finish it#36 – Fortunate girl

Finish it Challenge

Luck saved a girl!

All she wanted to do for all her life was climbing. She loved nothing more. The thrill she got, the peace she found and the constant risk that brought her closer to her inner self and to eternity. She was a free-climber. Most of her friends shook their heads when she told them with sparkling eyes how much she loved to be out there, hanging on to rocks with only her finger tips hanging high above ground. Often they looked at her and warned her. One day you will go too far. As she was hanging on with only two fingers, far above ground today that thought went through her mind. Maybe today was the day. Maybe today she went just that little bit too far…

Above intro is from a Finish it challenge of Author S B Mazing, and here is my addition.

She didn’t imagine it would happen one day and she would have no control on it. But, her love for climbing saved her again and she got struck by a thick branch of a tree. 

She screamed louder to her friends with a shaking voice, “Luckily, I am climbing again”  😉

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If on the basis of few extremists, Muslims are criticized as terrorists then Hindus are terrorists too!

The image is so clear, I do not want it to exaggerate. Do Muslims live an independent life in India or the Hindus living a more happier life here?

If you watch news channel or not, you might have familiar with recent unfair, discriminatory treatments outlined by Indians/anti-Muslim against India’s majority minorities Muslims. Take newspapers, online journals, web pages, Social media, viral posts and online news websites you will read much news regarding extreme hatred against Muslim citizens of India. However, hatred against Muslims has triggered with increasing time in many countries.

I wonder where I should take the start?

Is it just about the ban on slaughtering animals in India?
Is it about Ex-Pakistani cricketers?
Is it about the legendary artists Ghulam Ali’s performance?
Or, Is it related to defame the book launch of Muhammad Kasuri ?
Even, Pakistani celebrities Mahira and Fawad Khan are also threatened by the extremist party in India?
Why are Muslims forced/compelled to convert their religion?

What next we are waiting for!

Every agitation unfolds discrimination against Muslims and especially, Pakistanis. Major national and international news sources depict the true image to all of us. Let’s come toward the other scenario of Hindus residing in Pakistan.

Pakistan is among those generous countries where people love to greet and engage with Non-Muslims. Whether I talk about biggest city Karachi or small interior cities Hindu community has gained lot of recognition, respect, independence and identification in Pakistan.

If you have visited Interior Sindh where we see a huge number of Hindu minority living with dignity, you can truly appreciate/relate what I am attempting hard to highlight. Looking at the callous circumstances, Isn’t the popular Two-Nation Theory interpret the truth (especially in case of India) ?

What I personally noticed?

Hindus have access to worship their gods in the freest manner.
No obligations or any sort of hindrance is aimed to prohibit them from practicing their religion.
They are freely allowed to celebrate each n every festival i.e Holi, Diwali, Raksha Bandhan or any other event.
They even play the invitations of their upcoming event on loudspeakers in wagons etc.
If it’s Holi or Diwali, the streets get compressed with colors, stains and firecrackers. But, no one even disturbs their festival.
They have right to claim for any mishandling with them and people/govt listen to them.

Above all, Pakistani Muslims celebrate the joy and happiness with minorities on several occasions. In the same manner, they do in return. Sweets and gifts are engaged with two groups on different occasions. People here actually understand the rule to share happiness with others. I believe same pleasant gestures are also exchanged in India.

People of Pakistan also practice to value their Hindu fellows. Even, Hindu ministers also support the particular Hindu community and they are never threatened to do so.

On a soft note, Pakistani’s should stop trying to establish good relations with the country where senior authorities have not accessed to stop an extremist party against Pakistanis and Muslims.

I personally think, If Muslims are criticized as ‘terrorist’ due to the ratio of few extremists then Hindus are considered ‘terrorist’ too!

Six Words Stories – The Challenge No 8

Theme: Help

Six words stories challenge

Image: Colin Finlay, The Unheard voice (Poverty Presentation)

Hard paths, just torn cracked slippers

The challenge has been initiated by Benedict Nicholson and you can have the details at this page Six words stories – The challenge No 8


Six Words Stories : The Challenge No. 7

Theme: Betrayal

Six Words Stories Challenge No 7

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Late-night, hungry stomach and eaten apple

I understand, I am little late for this challenge but I don’t want to miss it.|

The challenge has been initiated by Benedict Nicholson and you can have the details at this page Six Words Stories – Challenge No 7

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Crooked tricks to deal with boiling temperatures

Wait.. Wait! It’s not the boiling temperature of the bowl you kept at the kitchen stove, it’s something else. What could it be?

Crooked tricks to deal with boiling temperatures

Game plan to deal with an unbeatable argument or fight

Have you caught in contact with an intolerable person in life? I am sure you would have, but Was he too complaining or Is good in wrangle?

At certain sensitive issues, we also jump in the unresolved conflict to effort for a balanced conclusion, either good or bad but an ending conclusion.

Well, we have to abide by the countenance of distinctive humans. Few even pinch deliberately to test the tolerant level of another person. At times, we tend to react normal although in real, we are just planning wickedly how to shoot the person on the POINT. At least I do!

Because at times, the debate evilly traps us with baseless arguments which are senseless and are only meant to arouse the HIGH BOILING TEMPERATURES of much -occupied brains.

How I often react when trapped in a never-ending squabble?

1)Try to be restrained (I usually fumble in the first attempt as it becomes unstoppable to remain muted while the argument is heated up)
2)But, I can’t be silent. I have to play defensive role in altercation (I badly fail in the second attempt too, Please listen to my point of view. I have a brilliant answer. I fizzle with disappointment)
3)Come up with an outstanding winning comment/answer/reason that can persuade the next person ( It somehow stops the other person to scream further. I wonder, How about he/she gives a thought about my comment? )
4)Take the risk of adding humor, If you have ever tried to crack a joke in between a verbal fight – Turn your eyes! (Unconcerned things usually work in favor)
5)Drag others in the failed debate (Haha, this mainly works! I can’t handle this alone, Please join me)
6)Listen! I will come back to you shortly. I have an urgent call (Better do it when the person on call is your true friend)
7)My friend, You are always right from the date of your birth and you will always be. (The quickest wind up to any quarrel )

Finish It# 31 – Few quivering moments

The earth was trembling. Not sure what to do she grabbed her little girl, hoping her son and husband were safe. Within no time, the worried mother of two rushed toward the patio to see his son. The last time she saw him playing in the garden area. Now, He was found nowhere!

The nerve wrecking situation became intense when she got no replies of her husband who was winding up his work before few minutes in the basement. The shaking earth frightened the little girl so badly that she closed her teary eyes and hugged her mother tightly. The courageous lady approached the basement for safe reasons but was disappointed to see no signs of her husband Harry and 7-year old son Paul anywhere in the house. She kept on screaming “Dear Paul, Are you listening to your mother? I am right here”. But there was pin-dropped silence which disheartens the mother’s hope.

As soon as the vibration settled down, she went upstairs and again, searched for the two dear men of her life. However, little Sara was hanged up at her back.

Suddenly, Sara stopped her mother and pointed, “Mama look!there is Dad and Paul”

Harry and Paul helped the old-aged couple from the trembling earth and shifted them to a safer place. Paul was little scared but, was contended to find his mother and little sister in good. Harry was also in a rejuvenating mood to see his dear women in safe.

This deadly hustle of few minutes caught everyone in contact with the fluster of nature. Not sure what to do she grabbed her little girl and asked a prayer with her husband and son in a low voice.

Hey friends, I have picked up another fiction writing challenge named as “Finish It” and I find it really interesting.

Finish It! story challenge by Author S B Mazing. Thank you.