If PTI Celebrates, What is worrying you ?

One political party almost waited for 2 and a half years to seek justice and fairness, Why?

The system has to be blamed truly. But who cares? Unless your personal asset is not stolen, you won’t support this ideal concept to improve the system. Right?

This mind-blowing, influential, inspiring, motivational and highly encouraging step against sitting government is strictly initiated by Imran Khan, Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf. The changing thought got extensive support from the public crowd, belonging to different genres, background, age and cast.  PTI’s single fight against the corrupted and rigged culture is bringing some incredible results.

In brief, PTI claimed 4 rigged National Assembly seats and filed a petition in the election tribunal. And for such right, Imran khan and his party affiliates had to go through a massive protest, a huge one! I agree, it costs too much, waste of time, resources, jammed areas, threatening environment, economic and social loss, decrease in sales, bad worldwide reputation etc. But why there was such aggression in holding such a massive protest against the ruling government(PML-N)? You also know the reasons behind it.

To my understanding, if a party claims something as a legal right, Why it has to go through such cruel process? A democratic country provides rights to everyone. And we are the part of it. Rigged elections produce fake results, that are not acceptable at all and not-so-deserving candidates forcefully stands on the position. Why a Pakistani should accept a false, bogus mandate?

Election tribunal announced it’s verdict in favor of PTI in 3 constituencies, NA 122, NA 125 and NA 154. However, one more petition is in the pipeline.

If the result clearly shows that there are enormous irregularities, rigging, poor election system in the country. If PTI be the reason behind it, What worries you?

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