In Run For Advice – Why?

Do you find a friendly suggestion really helpful? Have you actually considered someone’s words or you garbage it?

This is one of the confused questions I often ask myself. Well, I think listening to other thoughts and opinions is never harmful, whether you contemplate or not.

Life kicks you out several times. Agree?

How do we act generally when we get trapped in certain situations? Where do we go mostly?

You just wish to end all the connections, whether it be your land line or your super smartphone. No interruptions; No exchange of words.

The point is, you are not the only one who is on the sinking boat. I, he, she and they are all together dreaming for a fantasy life, which never sees any unfortunate event, although it’s impossible! A drowning boat sets the vision that the person undergoes wretched, miserable phase.

Heartbreaking moments badly hit our happy, fateful lives and often get us in unbearable positions. It occurs, when you face a tremendous financial loss and you wonder how will I buy credit for my phone or even how would I refill my petrol tank, however you are contended that your loving relative, a kind friend or family will at least make you not suffer from food 😉 Our lives need MUCH MORE than just food.

It also happens when you broke off with a close relation. It can be your soul mate whom you had made promises of not leaving till the last breath and you will definitely take her/him to explore Paris, London, New York and Pakistan(Northern Areas have attractive views – Read The Inspiring Pakistan Through Brandon Stanton’s Camera Eye ) See, you just cut off a relationship which you never hoped for. And you are feeling free 🙂 But, that’s is not the case of every couple.

My point of concentration is, life can play with us anytime so there is none to be blamed. Maybe the unlucky time. As we caught ourselves with losses, break-ups, depression, diseases, mental disorders, family problems, insufficient resources, bad gatherings, cruel habits and much more. We need a good mentor, a person who understands you or even bothers to listen to your worries. What’s a big deal in listening to his/her words?

A teacher, friend, neighbor, relative, stranger, classmate, colleague, professor or even a gardener can give you good suggestions. Do not leave children behind! They also attempt to give us cute and sweet messages by their little acts, filled with innocence and charm.

Great advice can uplift one’s career, relation and attitude. Parents always make efforts to give advises to their children, few of them get succeed and many fails. I believe, an acceptable combination of inner emotions, advice, experience and the positive attitude can solve several unsettled questions.

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