How To Start A Professional WordPress Blog And Make Money

Does the idea of a professional online space interests you?

How do you feel if your blog successfully manages to gain a fan following and you sent out a customized beautifully designed email every week?

Starting a WordPress blog wasn’t easy before. Now, it’s just the game of few clicks and there, you’ve got a captivating site to impress your readership.


I was exactly like you when I haven’t approached to start a professional website which doesn’t allow me to make money online, but also up-level my readership.

There are several perks of having a self-hosted WordPress blog where you are free to put ads, run affiliate marketing, build a profitable online business or even offer multiple services. You’ve no limitations at all!


How to start a professional wordpress blog in few quick steps

Does it make you look more focused on your blogging activities?

At least, it gives an impression to several advertisement brands and businesses that you are genuinely serious and building content that is note-worthy.

You’ll just need to follow few steps to get a money-making blog on wordpress.

1- Sign Up

The first step tells you to sign up for a web hosting company. I use bluehost on my blog ‘Epife’. It’s working well and offer great services at an affordable rate. I might get the VPS version as I’m producing more content.

The beginner’s plan starts at $3.95/m which is cheap and affordable for every aspiring blogger. It also gives you a FREE DOMAIN.

Go to my blog page and follow each step.

2- Make payments

The process is simple and can be followed by few steps. You can always uncheck all the unnecessary details and get the basic plan. There’s nothing to get worried as you can enjoy other features anytime.

You’ll get a dashboard to put details of your login id and password. It’ll take you to the Cpanel of the hosting company.Don’t worry. It’s simple. You’ll get used to it.

3- Install WordPress

With just one click – you can download wordpress and get started! Wuhuu.

If you already on wordpress, you will simply understand the use of blogging on wordpress. You may get a new wordpress dashboard which allows multiple free wordpress plugins, themes, features. I’m in love with it.

You can get the analytics, Yoast seo plugin to determine keywords etc and the best themes at free of cost. Interesting?

4- Get Started And Write Your First Post

That’s it.

The new WordPress dashboard is so amazing to use. You’ll fall in love with the interactive dashboard.

You can get the complete step by step process of signing up for WordPress blog in 10 minutes on the post, “How to start a new WordPress blog in next 10 minutes”


The good news is I’m getting back into my oldie-goldie blog which is priceless. I’ve amazing people here too.

If anything troubles you just ask me!

Would you mind sharing the post with your followers so that they can learn to start a blog?

Thankyou 🙂

I’m so excited to be back here! (Honestly)

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