Six Words Stories – The Challenge No 8

Theme: Help

Six words stories challenge

Image: Colin Finlay, The Unheard voice (Poverty Presentation)

Hard paths, just torn cracked slippers

The challenge has been initiated by Benedict Nicholson and you can have the details at this page Six words stories – The challenge No 8


Six Words Stories : The Challenge No. 7

Theme: Betrayal

Six Words Stories Challenge No 7

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Late-night, hungry stomach and eaten apple

I understand, I am little late for this challenge but I don’t want to miss it.|

The challenge has been initiated by Benedict Nicholson and you can have the details at this page Six Words Stories – Challenge No 7

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Finish It# 31 – Few quivering moments

The earth was trembling. Not sure what to do she grabbed her little girl, hoping her son and husband were safe. Within no time, the worried mother of two rushed toward the patio to see his son. The last time she saw him playing in the garden area. Now, He was found nowhere!

The nerve wrecking situation became intense when she got no replies of her husband who was winding up his work before few minutes in the basement. The shaking earth frightened the little girl so badly that she closed her teary eyes and hugged her mother tightly. The courageous lady approached the basement for safe reasons but was disappointed to see no signs of her husband Harry and 7-year old son Paul anywhere in the house. She kept on screaming “Dear Paul, Are you listening to your mother? I am right here”. But there was pin-dropped silence which disheartens the mother’s hope.

As soon as the vibration settled down, she went upstairs and again, searched for the two dear men of her life. However, little Sara was hanged up at her back.

Suddenly, Sara stopped her mother and pointed, “Mama look!there is Dad and Paul”

Harry and Paul helped the old-aged couple from the trembling earth and shifted them to a safer place. Paul was little scared but, was contended to find his mother and little sister in good. Harry was also in a rejuvenating mood to see his dear women in safe.

This deadly hustle of few minutes caught everyone in contact with the fluster of nature. Not sure what to do she grabbed her little girl and asked a prayer with her husband and son in a low voice.

Hey friends, I have picked up another fiction writing challenge named as “Finish It” and I find it really interesting.

Finish It! story challenge by Author S B Mazing. Thank you.

Six Words Stories Challenge – 1

I cannot keep myself at a distance from this intriguing challenge.
The blog, A hopelessly wandering mind, has started this inspiring story competition and it truly captivated my attention. Here I am also participating in this short thoughtful contest.

Theme : Loss

Google Image

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Broken fence willingly listens pained words.

Allergic to ‘E’ Challenge

I was nominated for the Allergic to ‘E’ Challenge by my friend, Naturelover. She runs an amazing blog which is loaded with creative elements and experiences. Let me try writing a paragraph without the letter ‘E’, it would be fun!

First, here are the rules for this challenge:

1) Write a whole paragraph ( a paragraph sounds easy right?) without any word containing the letter “e” (still easy for ya?)
2) By reading this you are already signed up.
3) Challenge at least five bloggers to do the challenge. They must do it within 24 hours or it is considered as failure.
4) If you fail or pass, suffer in the Page of Lame.
5) If you win, wallow in the Page of Fame.

Sitting in my drawing room, with two pairs of comfort sofas in contrast with brown and fawn. The fan is throwing hot air, which is kind of so irritating and pinching. In the corner of the sofa, I am busy writing this difficult paragraph. Also, thinking what should I carry from stylish lawn shirts for tomorrow hangout. The plan is to watch the “Jurrasic Park” on big digital tv forums. This writing format without putting midpoint of ‘D’ and ‘F’ is bit tough 😉

My nominations are

I literally enjoyed the writing challenge, give something tough a try 😉

StoryFest 2015

I just submitted my nomination form on Storyfest competition seems to be really intriguing with a chance to read the interesting articles from all over and get your writing to be nominated on such an amazing platform.
Submit your best story to be read by the readers and nominate one other story of your friend. How simple and interesting is that!
I have nominated Story teller for the wonderful writings.

Good Luck all of you and Enjoy the reading!


  • Come to the site June 13-14, follow a link to a story, read it and comment on it.
  • If you wrote even one story in this (or any previous) StoryADay, submit one to be featured on the site’s front page June 13-14.
  • Nominate someone else’s story to be featured.
  • Spread the word: from Jun 1-14, tell everyone you know on every social network (especially the ones with readers in them) about StoryFest. Tell them to come to the site June 13-14 to read new and exciting work by up-and-coming future stars of the literary world!
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May 22 – Dodge to Jealous monster

STORY A DAY (Writing prompts, May 22- Time For Something Different)

Saira whispered something fishy to Lilly. The packed mathematics class did not notice the wicked plan, the girls discussed. Students were paying full concentration to Professor’s detailed lecture on Algebra. The girls, Saira and lilly, on the other side, were pretending to be physically present with absent minds. Algebra seemed to be a threatening monster that eats up intelligent minds avariciously. Girls assume that their tranquil minds, filled with extremely unique ideas,get swallowed then digested by that mosquito faced monster and how come they imagine a life, gets sucked with algebra, attacking monster. Lilly roared with a screeching voice, No! I can’t let my beautiful mind be trapped and hijacked by unidentified warriors of mathematics. As the time of execution strikes clock, Saira, with the help of chair, quickly lied on the floor without hurting herself and Lilly yelled shockingly(over reacted), “Saira is fainted! she needs to take medicines”. Before the Algebra Professor exchanges a reply, Lilly interrupted, “I will take her home to get rest”.

Girls with impish talents,heroically escaped from jealous creepy monster.

May 13 – 100 words

Ella with her love
Ella woke up from a terrible dream, she was still in shock and despair. Grabbing a glass of chilled water from her side table, she quickly looked outside the square window and kept an instant sight on Jupiter, a dog with a cute smile. Ella found Jupiter with some strange awkward behaviors directing towards the horny bushes. As already being awfully concerned for her love of life, Jupiter, she ran downstairs speedily with bare-foots and hugged the dog warmly. As she deeply detected the area around bushes, She cracked creepy laugh to accuse a red-eyed black kitten rather a thief or mugger.