Top notch benefits of blogging

If I imagine an online presence on the internet world without a blog, it would be a big NO NO! Whether you are an entrepreneur, a digital marketer, a social media expert or an individual you will need to have a blog to survive in the online world.


Blog is the pathway to raise your opinions and gain interaction (Image:Google)


Nowadays it is impossible to flourish a business without a persuasive blog that delivers to its readers. A high-quality content that sells and brings traffic to the site is the essential requirement for a start-up or a large company.

Generally, what are the benefits of creating a blog?

I consider blogging is the other word for ‘expressions’. Under the term blog, you are allowed to exhibit your thoughts, ideas, content, and everything that pop up in your mind without any restriction.

Employment chances are higher: Oh yes! You have a strong inspirational blog, chances are high that you’ll get a job. Employers give preference to those candidates who have a compelling online presence.

Enhances interaction: Blog is an online forum that allows you to interact with plenty of individuals around the globe. It speeds up your communication skills and an easy way to know people.

Get influence: Who doesn’t want to enjoy the power of people? Forget about the famous Celebs, be a promising blogger.

Freedom of voice: No one gets a better platform than blogging in view to share thoughts about anything. A blogger is free to write what he thinks.

Brings traffic to your website: A blog post that is written accurately according to the SEO requirements can bring an impressive amount of client to your business. More traffic, more deals.

You can be a writer: Blogging helps you to become a better writer day by day. It improves your writing skills and arouse your interest to learn more about it.

Become knowledgeable: A blogger is a person who always have a handful of information to share with the readers. It helps you to become an expert in the field of study.

Receive instant feedback: Gone are those times when business owners or individuals had to wait for the responses. Now, the time is about immediate results and instant feedback. You can be praised within no time or you can also have the poor feedback of your products. Everything is quick!

The above-discussed benefits are just a few, however if I keep on writing the amazing benefits of blogging it’s strenuous to stop typing. But, I will definitely write more!

Sabeen Mehmud – a fearless soul

Another beautiful soul has been caught by evil eye of the society and became a victim of Karachi brutal killings, resulting Pakistan suffers again. SABEEN MEHMUD, a social activist and a generous-hearted personality, was shot dead after attending seminar on baloch issue.

Pakistan is truly blessed with optimistic souls like sabeen, who love devoting their lives to voiceless and vulnerable. Sabeen Mehmud was the director of The Second Floor, commonly known as T2F. Her countless efforts will always be highlighted. She was a voice to many. Sabeen reminded the nation that rights, liberties are the beacon of liberation. She fought for human rights throughout her life and sets a prominent example. The tragic unjust death of Sabeen will not go waste. Good work will prosper and her countless efforts will make her dreams come true. . A fearless, humble soul will remain in the hearts forever.

Signed Up for Facebook

I still remember the afternoon day in July 2009, when my best friend had asked me “Don’t you have a Facebook account?” and I simply said, no. The similar day, she made an email id for my facebook account, updated all the required data and asked me to come online.

The start was quite uninteresting and dull as it seemed boring to comment and response. My facebook friends were pretty excited to see me on social media and welcomed with warm wall posts. As time passed, I was in touch with this interaction via social media website. Gradually, I started with keeping status updates and friends hit a like or comment. It was an initial start on social media but I was enjoying it excitedly. Facebook soon became an addiction to me and it helped to enhance my intellect, raised knowledge on current affairs and a best platform to inspire and influence the masses.

I was little astonished but cheerful to receive so many birthday wishes on my wall, turned into time line now, for the very first time, loving friends wrote sweet greeting messages which actually made my day a beautiful yet most remembered one. I was quite familiar with facebook features and kept on using them.   Another wonderful activity, which is mostly liked by teenagers is to update DP, it is Display Picture or Profile Picture. Users keep on changing profile pictures with recent and gorgeous photos, girls are crazy for that. Even, some of my friends keep on changing it every day.

One, who signs in, is very sure to be informed about daily happenings, events in particular area of interests and for that one have to like official page. I have almost liked all the pages of my interest from fashion, news, media, online works and yes cooking! With so many interactive activities, it soon became my first priority as I connect internet

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Facebook has been an amazing social media website to connect me with my old fellows, with whom I was never in contact. Even I personally want to say THANKS to the website, which has million users that is FACEBOOK.

At present, almost everyone who has access to internet holds a user account on facebook – a social media website. The social media website is just like craze of business for many users, who earn billions by working online. Numbers of online boutiques, accessories, photography pages are registered to make money and scatter their business. It is one of the most recognized website for everyone, who desires to connect and learn what is happening around.

There is ample material to write for social media as it is the powerful and influential tool of interaction with the entire world.