Heatwaves Can Be Deadly Too

You may be truly shocked to read the life taking news of deadly heatwaves in metropolitan city of Pakistan. Yes, you read it right, Karachi has claimed around 800 deaths due to severe and scorching heatwaves, in a time period of 4 days. Muslims are also observing holy month of Ramadan, which asks them not to eat or drink in the daylight hours. Elderly and poor Karachities became the deadly victims of hot heatwaves.

Also to improve your knowledge, electricity load shedding is also one of the obvious cause that has worsen the awful situation in Karachi. Can you imagine a day without air-condition and fan ? It is a deadly alarm, which can actually take lives. With the prompt increase in the temperature of heatwaves, the risk of getting more lives also reached high numbers. The situation has evolved into a terrible condition that even the morgue have no capacity to store dead bodies.

Irrespective of all the news stories, relating heatwaves affects, some heartbroken occurrences which I personally observed;

Long queues

How strange it is, to hear that one needs to wait long and long in the queue, just to have some ice, which you actually pay for. I was passing by a market to buy some fruits and I had a look at the longest queue. People, with fast were bound to stay in the line to buy some solid ice to get chilled liquids in the hot summery days. Government has badly failed to provide the basic needs on convenient ways.

Agitation and protests against electricity

As I was coming back to home, I noticed a charged crowd, equipped with sticks, iron rods etc, protesting at a roundabout. Police and government again carelessly failed to bring back the situation to normal. Also, you will be dismayed(if you are not a Pakistani) that the protest was held due to absence of electric supply in the areas for about 5 days.

Jammed hospitals

As we observed a speedy increase in the death toll from deadly and scorching sun rays, the government hospitals were packed with dead bodies and were left ignored. Karachi also lacks with government morgue to store dead bodies, another depressing acknowledgment.

Deadly heatwaves failed to beat the spirit of volunteerism

Whenever Pakistan soil suffers with abrupt situations, Pakistanis are accelerated to offer volunteer services with full contribution toward humanity. The nation unites to relax the sufferers of heatwaves with ice, chilled water and liquids to hydrate the bodies. Loving people of Pakistan never overlooked the fellow human beings and always came up with helping hands to overcome the poor circumstances.

Dehydration and heatwaves has taken lots of lives but we cannot deny the fact that loss of electric supply and acute water supply is also one of the prominent factor to worsen the situation.

Look for remedies to prevent heat strokes. Show gestures of happiness, seek forgiveness from ALMIGHTY in the sacred month of Ramadan and help the humanity 🙂

Arrival Of Ramadan Kareem

Muslims from all corners of the world are pleasured with the arrival of sacred holy month, Ramadan Kareem. The sacred month allows believers to fast 30 or 29 days in a month, depending on the moon. Muslims offer fasting before early dawn of sun rise till sun drowns in the other direction. Everyone has almost done with the preparations in the Pakistan where as Saudia Arabia and other countries are observing first roza(fast) toda

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Just like others, I also tried to wind off the Eid shopping as no muslim look for any intervention in the month of blessings. Ramadan Kareem is filled with countless and beneficial benefits to the muslim world. If you are familiar with the happenings of ramadan, you also have idea how beautiful the month is! I see people of different backgrounds and ages stand in the rows of mosques to offer prayers of times with taraveh. Such a blessing is to look at vast food arrangements in sehri and Iftari. Poor and less affordable get free foods in great quantity. Everyone tries to follow the aspects of the sacred month, in manner to speak politely, to completely avoid any acts that are against Islam and be religious. Though it should be observed through every month, but there is something precious and magical about Ramadan.

We will be observing our first sehri Inshallah tomorrow and we will be entering in the heavenly month to seek blessings of ALMIGHTY. May ALLAH strengthen the imaan of every believer and guide us toward the right direction.

Ramadan Mubarak to every one!
We will

Threatened Feelings

Covered heads on rag,

Hearts filled with faith,

Glittering faces and hopeful,

Offering prayers,

Tears welling and trickling,

ALLAH is great; ALLAH is great,

Came to sacred house,

With positive vibes,

A loud exhaustion heard,

And it explodes.