If there would be no internet?

I was just sitting on a lounge sofa with a cup of tea in hand, thinking how my life would be without internet?
To start with, I really can’t think about it! I mean SERIOUSLY, NO INTERNET!

The life would definitely be unpredictable and of course boring. Still at the time I was thinking, my cell phone was in my hand and laptop was kept on the table on the other side of sofa. That means our lives are 24-hour connected via internet with people living in different countries around the world. Well, there are people who have grown up without dependence on internet and live a happy, satisfying life without disturbance of face book notifications, red light alarming low battery and overloaded inbox of emails. As I talk about the interruptions from facebook,I have to remind you candy crush notifications. LOL!

Importantly, I would miss GOOGLE for sure, as it is an instant help to all of us and an important source of information just at a distance of one click. There would be no facebook, twitter, instagram notifications which pop up at my phone screen. Oh I will be without my android too. No no NO! And Iphone users, without their Iphone! The time would be without handy technologies too.

There would be no blog with my name, no followers to interact and no forum for sharing my talks with my readers. My thoughts would have been buried somewhere, my stories be faded away and my approach to meet new friends from all over the world would have been flown away. There would be no excitement for uploading a post, and to see how many likes you get. How can I forget to write about facebook and watsapp profile pictures? Profile pictures and selfie craziness will be nowhere. There would be no SNAPCHAT stories of our favorites, we would have been only dreaming to gather any latest news from television or newspapers about lifestyles of celebs. The television will expand its inventive significance and books will be regaining their readers in libraries.

Turning to the other side, we will be having more face to face interactions; there will be no distractions in family dinners/lunch. My mom won’t be complaining about excessive use of smart phone. The absence of internet will ultimately urge to value the presence of books, magazine and other printed versions. Children will be spending more time on physical activities and gaming other than social media, ipad and other handy technologies. Friends will prefer gathering rather than a chat on watsapp group. We will arrange gatherings to look at photo albums, to share moments and enjoy conversations instead of getting likes, comments on facebook and other social sites.

It was just a plain imagination of my mind, although internet is now a basic connectivity of our daily lives.

Signed Up for Facebook

I still remember the afternoon day in July 2009, when my best friend had asked me “Don’t you have a Facebook account?” and I simply said, no. The similar day, she made an email id for my facebook account, updated all the required data and asked me to come online.

The start was quite uninteresting and dull as it seemed boring to comment and response. My facebook friends were pretty excited to see me on social media and welcomed with warm wall posts. As time passed, I was in touch with this interaction via social media website. Gradually, I started with keeping status updates and friends hit a like or comment. It was an initial start on social media but I was enjoying it excitedly. Facebook soon became an addiction to me and it helped to enhance my intellect, raised knowledge on current affairs and a best platform to inspire and influence the masses.

I was little astonished but cheerful to receive so many birthday wishes on my wall, turned into time line now, for the very first time, loving friends wrote sweet greeting messages which actually made my day a beautiful yet most remembered one. I was quite familiar with facebook features and kept on using them.   Another wonderful activity, which is mostly liked by teenagers is to update DP, it is Display Picture or Profile Picture. Users keep on changing profile pictures with recent and gorgeous photos, girls are crazy for that. Even, some of my friends keep on changing it every day.

One, who signs in, is very sure to be informed about daily happenings, events in particular area of interests and for that one have to like official page. I have almost liked all the pages of my interest from fashion, news, media, online works and yes cooking! With so many interactive activities, it soon became my first priority as I connect internet

th (1)
Facebook has been an amazing social media website to connect me with my old fellows, with whom I was never in contact. Even I personally want to say THANKS to the website, which has million users that is FACEBOOK.

At present, almost everyone who has access to internet holds a user account on facebook – a social media website. The social media website is just like craze of business for many users, who earn billions by working online. Numbers of online boutiques, accessories, photography pages are registered to make money and scatter their business. It is one of the most recognized website for everyone, who desires to connect and learn what is happening around.

There is ample material to write for social media as it is the powerful and influential tool of interaction with the entire world.