Lynching is a crime!

It feels like an incident gives birth to more incidents.

I just logged in to my face book account and was totally shocked to see the pictures shared on my news feed. Those were extremely painful. The suicide attack against Christians was mournful just like other bombings are in Pakistan, whether they belong to any sect. The explosions that happened at church aroused angry mob, who lynched two innocent men and set an example of inhumanity, cruelty, barbaric behavior and insanity. My eyes kept wide opened and my heart experienced a sudden blow while seeing those brutal images of yet some other Pakistanis who were making video clips, pictures of burnt humans. The humanity is already died.

One of the lynching victims was a glass-cutter and the other one is still unidentified.

No one should be allowed to take laws in hands. The faces cannot tell you, who is innocent and who is not. Just on the basis of suspicion, the angry mob lynched two lives and marked a death to humanity and human existence. Shameful crowd make the nation to mourn again!

From good day to bad day

With moments of happiness in Pakistan for qualifying in quarter finals for ICC Cricket World Cup, the country faced twin suicide blasts in Lahore. The suicide bomb exploded near church, when worshippers were inside and praying.

The news has shaken the entire nation badly, specially the minorities. People of Pakistan have already sacrificed thousands of human lives in bloody game of extremism. Another one happened and affected many families. The blast resulted in loss of 14 lives leaving several injured in the hospitals. People from every sect have to live a challenging life in Pakistan especially the minorities. Angry mobs set cars on fire and protested against the attack. Christians belonging to different parts and outside Pakistan expressed grief on death of fellow beings.

A good day turned into a disastrous day for the entire nation and we, all Pakistani, belonging to any sect condemn this brutal act of bombing and stand with all minorities. They are Pakistan !