New adventure – Epife (my new blog)

There is a different attraction toward the blogging world. Whether it’s a small blog about your pet or an expanded photography blog, the owner always feel proud.

WordPress always admires the newbies, just like it welcomed all of us on the amazing platform. My connection with blogging has been increased with the passage of time and I want to learn each day a new chapter.

Here, I want to introduce EPIFE to my friendly little wordpress family.

Please go through and visit and let me know your thoughts on it.

I’ve thought to comeup with a lifestyle blog that covers everything. I opted for this blog and now, my journey to become a better blogger and a writer has been started.

As I have always been a learner and a beginner, I started writing simple posts that are based on information for the readers.

It’s completely a new blog and I’ve to manage it alone.

I would love to hear what should I add to the blog. Any recommendation or any guidance would be highly appreciated.

Will the blog flourish? What do you say friends?

7 thoughts on “New adventure – Epife (my new blog)

  1. No, I don’t want to limit my blog to specific niche. I want to cover almost everything I can :p
    Yes, that’s true most of the lifestyle bloggers restrict to particular area and write about stuff related to that.
    Blog appearance and web design gets better with time. As I am a newbie, I will be experimenting new designs, plugins and tools to my site. I have ideas about famous lifetsyle blogs but I would love to read, if you have any 🙂


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