Finish it#36 – Fortunate girl

Finish it Challenge

Luck saved a girl!

All she wanted to do for all her life was climbing. She loved nothing more. The thrill she got, the peace she found and the constant risk that brought her closer to her inner self and to eternity. She was a free-climber. Most of her friends shook their heads when she told them with sparkling eyes how much she loved to be out there, hanging on to rocks with only her finger tips hanging high above ground. Often they looked at her and warned her. One day you will go too far. As she was hanging on with only two fingers, far above ground today that thought went through her mind. Maybe today was the day. Maybe today she went just that little bit too far…

Above intro is from a Finish it challenge of Author S B Mazing, and here is my addition.

She didn’t imagine it would happen one day and she would have no control on it. But, her love for climbing saved her again and she got struck by a thick branch of a tree. 

She screamed louder to her friends with a shaking voice, “Luckily, I am climbing again”  😉

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