Crooked tricks to deal with boiling temperatures

Wait.. Wait! It’s not the boiling temperature of the bowl you kept at the kitchen stove, it’s something else. What could it be?

Crooked tricks to deal with boiling temperatures

Game plan to deal with an unbeatable argument or fight

Have you caught in contact with an intolerable person in life? I am sure you would have, but Was he too complaining or Is good in wrangle?

At certain sensitive issues, we also jump in the unresolved conflict to effort for a balanced conclusion, either good or bad but an ending conclusion.

Well, we have to abide by the countenance of distinctive humans. Few even pinch deliberately to test the tolerant level of another person. At times, we tend to react normal although in real, we are just planning wickedly how to shoot the person on the POINT. At least I do!

Because at times, the debate evilly traps us with baseless arguments which are senseless and are only meant to arouse the HIGH BOILING TEMPERATURES of much -occupied brains.

How I often react when trapped in a never-ending squabble?

1)Try to be restrained (I usually fumble in the first attempt as it becomes unstoppable to remain muted while the argument is heated up)
2)But, I can’t be silent. I have to play defensive role in altercation (I badly fail in the second attempt too, Please listen to my point of view. I have a brilliant answer. I fizzle with disappointment)
3)Come up with an outstanding winning comment/answer/reason that can persuade the next person ( It somehow stops the other person to scream further. I wonder, How about he/she gives a thought about my comment? )
4)Take the risk of adding humor, If you have ever tried to crack a joke in between a verbal fight – Turn your eyes! (Unconcerned things usually work in favor)
5)Drag others in the failed debate (Haha, this mainly works! I can’t handle this alone, Please join me)
6)Listen! I will come back to you shortly. I have an urgent call (Better do it when the person on call is your true friend)
7)My friend, You are always right from the date of your birth and you will always be. (The quickest wind up to any quarrel )

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