Voters should be given FREEDOM OF CHOICE

An election season brings an entire new setting in any nation or states, featuring the participants as the national leaders, schedules are made in accordance with the election campaigns, political rallies are conducted with so much enthusiasm, politicians assume themselves to be the “perfect heroes” and the element which is ignored is the people choice.


As a citizen we all have rights to vote and enjoy the election season as it is of gaining so much original experiences in life. But the fact which led circumstances to a turning point is forcing an individual to vote a particular candidate whether he/she really supports the candidate or not. A situation in elections comes when you are only left with the term vote among the given choices and you have to accept. It makes me think about an idea where a choice should be given to voter as none of the above. In a nation like Pakistan, there are many citizens who even do not know the importance of voting and how important elections are for the betterment of society. It is an election vote which decides who will lead our nation in what directions, candidates do make promises before elections and as it goes to their favor, the promises are lost. All in all, the power is with the voters and their choice of nominating a strong candidate, who consider fulfilling needs of voters at first priority.
In many rural areas, voters are forced to vote excluding their freedom of choice and they are helpless as that candidate is in power although elected bodies do not carry significance for being a government representative who is allotted to put sole effort for an individual who voted.
In every democratic society, freedom of expression is an essential approach to give your opinions and undoubtedly, Pakistan is the nation where you can speak and say what you want but there is need of an eye which can look into the matters, consider them and speaks on your behalf.

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