Self Interaction

Looking at yourself tells you “WHO YOU ARE”? This question is the heart of quest for self.

A true image of a person can only be seen by him or her self. Self interaction answers many queries in silent manner, which is the best form of self satisfaction. A man’s inside is actually the best soul-mate, the best friend and the best discipline of interaction.


Sometimes I wonder, how important is to understand yourself and for this exercise, you need to start with self interaction. It enriches you to build self knowledge and criteria of finding solutions. What I usually do in state of confusion is actually adaption of certain ways to interact with myself in selection of clothing, television program, food what I like to have at times, fashion style to carry, weekend plans, subject of study, my own particular opinions regarding happening of my life. Interaction helps to gain self confidence, which always supports you in taking decisions.
I feel delighted looking at myself in happy moods, may be most of the people connect this attitude with craziness but I am like this. I like spending time with myself. In moods of sadness, I am my best friend, it makes me valued. Several questions are only answered by your self and I almost stuck in those situations but I get an easy escape as I know what I am convinced with. And yes I confess myself for being angry on the closest relations of parents, siblings and friends that are essentials of my world. While clicking pictures in front of mirror actually makes me to be the cutest attraction, which I believe is the finest moment every girl loves and when it comes to loved element of shopping, I ask myself to speak, demand, argue, like and dislike items to buy. Everyone is loved by him/her self so give a space to realize how important you are.

Intrapersonal communication establishes a connection with your thoughts and mind-set .

This language of thoughts speeds up progress of learning attitudes, behaviors of diverse individuals of society. If one can persuade herself then she has potential of persuading others.

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