Bhaae Pakistan mein rakha kia ha..sirf buri khabrein..I want to settle in ABROAD.
(what is left in Pakistan, just sad news?)

A short statement by one of my close friend which made me heartrending for a moment, but looking at the situation of Pakistan I have to somehow agree to it, with little disagreement.

With no doubts, Pakistan is suffering with countless evils and a long list of problems. Everyone is going through a phase of frustration, irritation and depression. From a child to an adult and from an adult to an aged man, each individual has harsh wordings pointing the government, public officials and the responsible authorities who represent the country. No one can deny with the worst situation but what I believe is the responsibility of a nation lies on shoulders of every citizen.
Being trapped in problems and wish to escape to get a satisfied life is a desire of every person on this world but the fact is true that bad times do not exist for long. Besides thinking negative aspects of Pakistan,I suggest you to ponder on the positivity and the countless features bestowed in this soil. An Islamic country that has many successful contributors in every field, number of intelligent minds, a beautiful cultural heritage, glittering fashion line, bold media, brave army, freedom of speech, women’s power, amazing locations etc.

I can not define a part of Pakistan in a blog as every area has diverse features which make it a stunning and thriving nation. Cities of Pakistan are one of the best places so as Lighting Karachi,disciplined Islamabad, fast Lahore,cold Quetta,pebbly Baluchistan etc. Every national has its own identity in his/her own home and this respect of being loved will be a missing element for people who approach attractive civilization yet they make them bounded. I agree one should go foreign to get education for better livelihood or for earning but in the end, every Pakistani should serve Pakistan. As this nation has been founded by dignified sacrifices of leaders and this has been done to make us live in a free state. We have to return something back to Pakistan, as we own Pakistan.
Looking at the eyes of unfortunate existence of people in our society, who are homeless and are deprived of basic necessities, will teach you several lessons of this firm life. The promising eyes of those significant citizens ask every other fellow to observe the circumstances and lend a hand of help. I believe, the representatives of Pakistan are responsible for every citizen but humanity is another beautiful touch, which no one can deny.
I want to mention here that Pakistan is blessed with gracious humans who perform huge efforts for humanity and people praise them. This feeling is noble. Pakistan has so much yet to discover, it is filled with thoughts and efforts of enthusiastic humans who will not just let it down.
A suggestion which may influence the intellectual minds of any Pakistani…Take a step for the betterment and you will feel a change INSHA ALLAH!

7 thoughts on “BE A PAKISTANI…

  1. Thank you Arfa for pouring out your feelings here in paperless electronic screen. you message of patriotism will reach every Pakistani around the world. There is no other place like our own Homeland Pakistan. Beautiful country brave people. Just a push and they can upturn every stone every hurdle. Love you


  2. I wish this post revives patriotism in each Pakistani heart. I am an Indian. Knowing Pakistan deeper since a few years, I have been provoked by a number of thoughts. This country has so much that it provides to the world. I Vehemently follow it’s fashion. We now have Pakistani dramas telecasted on indian televisions. I wish this country peace. God bless us all.

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