Signed Up for Facebook

I still remember the afternoon day in July 2009, when my best friend had asked me “Don’t you have a Facebook account?” and I simply said, no. The similar day, she made an email id for my facebook account, updated all the required data and asked me to come online.

The start was quite uninteresting and dull as it seemed boring to comment and response. My facebook friends were pretty excited to see me on social media and welcomed with warm wall posts. As time passed, I was in touch with this interaction via social media website. Gradually, I started with keeping status updates and friends hit a like or comment. It was an initial start on social media but I was enjoying it excitedly. Facebook soon became an addiction to me and it helped to enhance my intellect, raised knowledge on current affairs and a best platform to inspire and influence the masses.

I was little astonished but cheerful to receive so many birthday wishes on my wall, turned into time line now, for the very first time, loving friends wrote sweet greeting messages which actually made my day a beautiful yet most remembered one. I was quite familiar with facebook features and kept on using them.   Another wonderful activity, which is mostly liked by teenagers is to update DP, it is Display Picture or Profile Picture. Users keep on changing profile pictures with recent and gorgeous photos, girls are crazy for that. Even, some of my friends keep on changing it every day.

One, who signs in, is very sure to be informed about daily happenings, events in particular area of interests and for that one have to like official page. I have almost liked all the pages of my interest from fashion, news, media, online works and yes cooking! With so many interactive activities, it soon became my first priority as I connect internet

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Facebook has been an amazing social media website to connect me with my old fellows, with whom I was never in contact. Even I personally want to say THANKS to the website, which has million users that is FACEBOOK.

At present, almost everyone who has access to internet holds a user account on facebook – a social media website. The social media website is just like craze of business for many users, who earn billions by working online. Numbers of online boutiques, accessories, photography pages are registered to make money and scatter their business. It is one of the most recognized website for everyone, who desires to connect and learn what is happening around.

There is ample material to write for social media as it is the powerful and influential tool of interaction with the entire world.


Bhaae Pakistan mein rakha kia ha..sirf buri khabrein..I want to settle in ABROAD.
(what is left in Pakistan, just sad news?)

A short statement by one of my close friend which made me heartrending for a moment, but looking at the situation of Pakistan I have to somehow agree to it, with little disagreement.

With no doubts, Pakistan is suffering with countless evils and a long list of problems. Everyone is going through a phase of frustration, irritation and depression. From a child to an adult and from an adult to an aged man, each individual has harsh wordings pointing the government, public officials and the responsible authorities who represent the country. No one can deny with the worst situation but what I believe is the responsibility of a nation lies on shoulders of every citizen.
Being trapped in problems and wish to escape to get a satisfied life is a desire of every person on this world but the fact is true that bad times do not exist for long. Besides thinking negative aspects of Pakistan,I suggest you to ponder on the positivity and the countless features bestowed in this soil. An Islamic country that has many successful contributors in every field, number of intelligent minds, a beautiful cultural heritage, glittering fashion line, bold media, brave army, freedom of speech, women’s power, amazing locations etc.

I can not define a part of Pakistan in a blog as every area has diverse features which make it a stunning and thriving nation. Cities of Pakistan are one of the best places so as Lighting Karachi,disciplined Islamabad, fast Lahore,cold Quetta,pebbly Baluchistan etc. Every national has its own identity in his/her own home and this respect of being loved will be a missing element for people who approach attractive civilization yet they make them bounded. I agree one should go foreign to get education for better livelihood or for earning but in the end, every Pakistani should serve Pakistan. As this nation has been founded by dignified sacrifices of leaders and this has been done to make us live in a free state. We have to return something back to Pakistan, as we own Pakistan.
Looking at the eyes of unfortunate existence of people in our society, who are homeless and are deprived of basic necessities, will teach you several lessons of this firm life. The promising eyes of those significant citizens ask every other fellow to observe the circumstances and lend a hand of help. I believe, the representatives of Pakistan are responsible for every citizen but humanity is another beautiful touch, which no one can deny.
I want to mention here that Pakistan is blessed with gracious humans who perform huge efforts for humanity and people praise them. This feeling is noble. Pakistan has so much yet to discover, it is filled with thoughts and efforts of enthusiastic humans who will not just let it down.
A suggestion which may influence the intellectual minds of any Pakistani…Take a step for the betterment and you will feel a change INSHA ALLAH!

Voters should be given FREEDOM OF CHOICE

An election season brings an entire new setting in any nation or states, featuring the participants as the national leaders, schedules are made in accordance with the election campaigns, political rallies are conducted with so much enthusiasm, politicians assume themselves to be the “perfect heroes” and the element which is ignored is the people choice.


As a citizen we all have rights to vote and enjoy the election season as it is of gaining so much original experiences in life. But the fact which led circumstances to a turning point is forcing an individual to vote a particular candidate whether he/she really supports the candidate or not. A situation in elections comes when you are only left with the term vote among the given choices and you have to accept. It makes me think about an idea where a choice should be given to voter as none of the above. In a nation like Pakistan, there are many citizens who even do not know the importance of voting and how important elections are for the betterment of society. It is an election vote which decides who will lead our nation in what directions, candidates do make promises before elections and as it goes to their favor, the promises are lost. All in all, the power is with the voters and their choice of nominating a strong candidate, who consider fulfilling needs of voters at first priority.
In many rural areas, voters are forced to vote excluding their freedom of choice and they are helpless as that candidate is in power although elected bodies do not carry significance for being a government representative who is allotted to put sole effort for an individual who voted.
In every democratic society, freedom of expression is an essential approach to give your opinions and undoubtedly, Pakistan is the nation where you can speak and say what you want but there is need of an eye which can look into the matters, consider them and speaks on your behalf.

Self Interaction

Looking at yourself tells you “WHO YOU ARE”? This question is the heart of quest for self.

A true image of a person can only be seen by him or her self. Self interaction answers many queries in silent manner, which is the best form of self satisfaction. A man’s inside is actually the best soul-mate, the best friend and the best discipline of interaction.


Sometimes I wonder, how important is to understand yourself and for this exercise, you need to start with self interaction. It enriches you to build self knowledge and criteria of finding solutions. What I usually do in state of confusion is actually adaption of certain ways to interact with myself in selection of clothing, television program, food what I like to have at times, fashion style to carry, weekend plans, subject of study, my own particular opinions regarding happening of my life. Interaction helps to gain self confidence, which always supports you in taking decisions.
I feel delighted looking at myself in happy moods, may be most of the people connect this attitude with craziness but I am like this. I like spending time with myself. In moods of sadness, I am my best friend, it makes me valued. Several questions are only answered by your self and I almost stuck in those situations but I get an easy escape as I know what I am convinced with. And yes I confess myself for being angry on the closest relations of parents, siblings and friends that are essentials of my world. While clicking pictures in front of mirror actually makes me to be the cutest attraction, which I believe is the finest moment every girl loves and when it comes to loved element of shopping, I ask myself to speak, demand, argue, like and dislike items to buy. Everyone is loved by him/her self so give a space to realize how important you are.

Intrapersonal communication establishes a connection with your thoughts and mind-set .

This language of thoughts speeds up progress of learning attitudes, behaviors of diverse individuals of society. If one can persuade herself then she has potential of persuading others.